Giving Back

At Red Seal Mechanical Services we believe that business isn’t about making money but making a difference.

On top of giving our customers the highest quality of work, which they deserve, with every furnace or air conditioner purchase in Durham Region we give our customers a 1 year subscription to This service delivers a new furnace filter to their home every 3 months to ensure that there are no unnecessary service calls in the first year of having their equipment, and to keep the air in the home as clean as possible.

Also, and what we consider even more important, on top of our reasonable pricing, 10% of EVERY job that we do, goes directly to helping bring clean water to developing communities around the world.

Ensuring that everyone on our planet has the basic necessities of life is an important issue, which is why we feel so strongly about giving back in whatever way we can. Sometimes this means going above and beyond for our customers; helping those in our community; giving financial support to certain charities; or donating our time and skills to communities around the world.

Making a difference in someone’s life can not only be life changing for that person but for ours as well.

THANK YOU for your support and for being a big part of making a difference.