Is There Low Airflow Through Your Ductwork?

Although many people do not have a conventional heating and cooling system, anyone who has duct work in their home should be able to make minor changes to make it work a little bit better for them.

Have you ever noticed that some areas of your home get a lot of air coming out of the vents, and in other areas there is very little. Sometimes this can happen because the duct work is not sized properly or it is too far away from the furnace or air conditioner. There isn’t always a great way to change the duct work without a major overhaul, but there may be a few little things that you can do that may help.

The easiest way is to make sure that there is nothing in the duct itself that might be causing the air stoppage. Often I come across toys, clothes, or towels stuck in the vents. Also if the home was built properly than the contractor should have installed a damper in the duct that can open or close to adjust the airflow. If there is a damper (a flat piece of metal that swivels) then make sure that it is open so that the air can get past it. Sometimesthe register or grill on the floor or wall will have an open or close position, make sure that is also open. Once you have done those things and you still aren’t getting much air coming out, try going to the rooms that you feel have a lot of air flow and closing them a little or even 100%. Hopefully this will push the air to the one(s) with less.

If this still hasn’t helped, than it might be time to start cutting some holes to see the duct to make sure that it is connect properly and with as few turns in it as possible. Beyond that, you can try to upgrade your equipment(buy a new furnace) which could be expensive, or you can by something called an “inline duct fan”. Although these fan will not give more heat or cooling, they will increase the amount of air you get to that specific room.

If you find that you are getting very little air flow to most of the rooms in your home, it might be possible that your filter is really plugged up and needs to be changed, in which case, the motor in your equipment may be starting to overheat as well. And if you find that your filter is clean, and you have an air conditioner and a furnace, then it might be possible that the coil (where the pipes go into the ductwork above the furnace) is dirty and not allowing the air to pass by. It is possible to clean this yourself by taking the duct apart or carefully cutting a hole in the duct to see…BUT I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are capable of taking the proper safety precautions, are aware of the basics of how the unit works, and are fairly handy.

Hopefully one of these things will be able to solve your issue of low air flow in your home. As I mentioned it’s not always possible to fix it without changing all of the ductwork in your home, but to save cutting all of your walls and ceilings open try these first and see if it has made a difference.

Why do I need to change my furnace filter???


There are quite a few times while speaking with customers, friends, family, or just people at the store, I will come across someone who either doesn’t know what the reason is for changing their furnace filter or doesn’t even know that there is a furnace filter that needs to be changed. YIKES!!!

As a home owner, you can spend upwards of $10 000 in some instances to have a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system installed in your home (as an initial investment). To change just one aspect of that down the line, can cost upwards of $5000. Now, why is it that after making such a large investment, people rarely take care of it? When it comes to a new car, which sometimes can cost about the same amount, car owners are diligent in getting it repaired regularly. Most people very rarely ever see, hear, or realize that their HVAC system is there or running because it is tucked away in the back corner of their home.


Just like a car needs an oil change, or your water jug needs a new water filter, your furnace needs to have the filter changed on a regular basis. If you have pets, smoke, live in a dusty area, or have a not so spotless home, and even if none of those pertain to you, YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR FURNACE FILTER! The filter in your furnace or air conditioner is not JUST for keeping the air in your home cleaner, although giving your family the best clean air to breathe should be more than enough of a reason to change it. Having a clean furnace filter helps prevent dust from being circulated through your home. It removes allergens from the air that can be detrimental to your families health, and it also protects your furnace from breaking down which is its main purpose.

When a furnace has a dirty filter in it, the fan motor will begin to over heat because there is not enough air flowing through it to cool the motor down. Once the fan motor over heats, eventually it will need replacing. Also what can happen is the furnace itself can over heat causing part of it to crack which can allow fumes into your home and potentially cause death. Now if breathing clean air, or having to pay for expensive replacement parts isn’t cause enough to make sure that you change your furnace filter regularly, maybe knowing that it has the potential (even though very slim chance) to cause death will be enough.

I don’t mean to sound drastic or over the top but there are so many reasons to install a new furnace filter regularly that it doesn’t make sense why someone would invest so much into something and not do as much as possible to protect that investment. I know how much people hate hearing how much a new furnace, fan motor or air conditioner will cost, so hopefully before it comes to that dreaded conversation, a small precautionary maintenance is all that it takes to prevent it.